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The Arab Women Union was initiated in 1956 by a group of local women. Their main objective was to support the woman role in the community and enrich her position as a lead force. The first building was constructed in the same year and was used as the main centre of the Arab Women Union and also served as a day-care place for children. The project was the Union´s first activity and targeted the working women.

Throughout the years the Women Union´s activities were expanded and besides the day-care they started a rehabilitation centre for disabled “basma Center”, and a Kindergarten, a multipurpose hall for social and educational events and a guesthouse .

Because the vast majority of services offered at the Arab Women's Union are free, the guesthouse's mission is grounded in providing income for the Union as the guesthouse is the main income generator. It is not just an income generator for the Union and its subsequent programs like the childcare program and Al-Basma, but also for the women who work here. All funds generated by the guesthouse are given to the Union as a way to improve the overall economy in Beit Sahour, provide jobs to Palestinian women and support the Union's existing programs.